5 Most Popular Instagram Reels Content in Indonesia

Instagram Reels is relatively new in Indonesia, this service only launched in June 2021 along with the Music feature on Instagram. However, Instagram data shows that its growth is very fast.

“The growth is very bombastic. The growth of Reels users in Southeast Asia exceeds the global average, and Indonesia is the fastest growing country,” said Country Director for Meta Indonesia, Pieter Lydian in a virtual press conference, Wednesday (11/17/2021).

Based on internal data, Instagram Reels’ success in Indonesia cannot be separated from the presence of entertainment content on the short video service. Moreover, the content presented on Reels has been adjusted to the preferences of each user.

Instagram also shares a number of popular entertainment content on Instagram Reels in Indonesia. Anything? Check out the list below.

instagram reels
instagram reels

1. Prayer and Hope

Instagram also noted Reels to be a medium for content of prayers and good wishes. This content is usually filled with encouraging oneself and the environment.

“A number of cultural moments have also become popular in Reels, such as the celebration of independence. Many creators, including public figures, voiced hope for Indonesia,” said Revie.

2. Eye Meditation

Content that is soothing and makes users take a break from daily activities is also popular, such as videos of nature or visiting tourist attractions.

“We also see an increasing trend for chats and discussions about mental health in Indonesia through hashtags such as #selflove and #selfhealing,” he said.

3. Fashion

Even though they can’t travel anywhere, Indonesian people actually still shop, especially fashion products. Therefore, Reels used to be a place to show their style of dress.

4. Love and Family

Content that displays interaction with family, according to Revie, is also liked by many users. “This happens because this content is relevant to everyday life,” he explained.

5. Comedy

According to the Director of the Meta Indonesia Entertainment Program Partnership, Revie Sylviana, Indonesians are humorous and like humor, including slapstick . Therefore, one of the most enjoyed content on Reels is comedy.

“This condition opens the door for new creators. Many new comedians have emerged from Instagram Reels,” he said.

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