8 Content Marketing World Trends 2022 That You Should Pay Attention to


From year to year, content marketing has always been a popular strategy. Therefore, of course, the latest content marketing trends will emerge in 2022.

This trend prediction must be known by marketers. Because, they can be the most effective way to attract audiences in the coming year.

Not only that, the famous fashions that will be present are also guaranteed to increase the success of the company’s marketing efforts.

So, what are the content marketing trends that will explode in 2022? 


1. Strengthen customer retention strategy

The first content marketing trend that you need to pay attention to in 2022 is to strengthen your customer retention strategy .

According to Business2Community , most companies can only launch quality content that is useful for engaging an audience.

On the other hand, they lack a good strategy that can keep the audience on the company’s official website or platform.

As a solution, in 2022, many companies will optimize their customer retention strategy .

This can be done in a number of ways, such as improving the UX in content and sites, seeing the audience’s key needs, and launching promotional information.

2. Visual storytelling via AR

The next content marketing trend that is predicted to boom in 2022 is visual storytelling via AR or augmented reality.

Launch eMarketer , this happens because now the audience is enjoying the present content in a visual form.

Not only that, AR users have also started to develop, where as many as 93.3 million people started using it at least once per month in 2021 ago.

Well, visual storytelling via AR itself is also predicted to bring various types of benefits for companies. Here is the list.

  • The interactive AR features will make the content feel more enjoyable for the audience.
  • Make it easy for companies to better connect with the emotions of their audience.
  • Encouraging audience participation in content, from creation, launch, until after enjoying it.

3. Listeners podcast increasingly

Yes, who would have thought that podcasts would still be a trend in the content marketing world in 2022?

This generally applies because until now, podcast listeners are still growing rapidly.

Well, podcasts are actually also profitable for companies. Because the cost of production is quite cheap.

For the desired topics, most audiences are now more looking for educational content.

Therefore, companies may launch podcast marketing . However, the topics provided must be informative and in line with trends in the niche.

4. SEO is a priority

Although it has been used for a long time, SEO remains a trend in the world of content marketing in 2022.

According to Jeff Bulas , SEO consistency is critical to content marketing success in the coming year. 

Because content with unique, creative, and original SEO values ​​will index faster and rank higher than low-value content.

In addition, it will be very dangerous if the content you launch is in a bad position in the SERP.

The reason is, according to Brafton’s research results , 95% of internet users only use the content listed on the first page of Google search.

As a suggestion, improve the SEO quality of the content on the site.

In addition, carefully review each update launched by Google.

5. Documentation of content marketing strategy

Documenting content marketing strategies will be a big trend in the world of content marketing in 2022.

This happens because companies that fail to document usually cannot evaluate strategies effectively in 2021.

Well, as content marketing strategies evolve, the importance of having a clear and documented plan will increase.

Because documenting your strategy will help you stay organized and efficient in 2022 and beyond.

It will also make it easier for you to collaborate and create strategies based on the evaluation of previous plans.

6. Specialized content

The next content marketing trend that you should look forward to in 2022 is specialized content.

Specialized content here refers to content that is personalized according to customer needs.

This strategy is needed as a way for companies to increase brand recognition, according to Statmats .

Not only that, specialized content can also be a great way to beat competitors.

The reason is, the information and the form of the content are guaranteed to be able to attract the emotions of the audience with great skill.

7. Improve voice search capabilities

Improving voice search capabilities will become a working trend in the world of content marketing in 2022.

This is certainly influenced by the success of the Alexa system formed by Amazon.

Customers also now seem to enjoy the process of finding content via voice search more. 

This trend can be seen from the plurality of Google Assistant and Google Home Mini speaker technology .

The cause of the success of voice search itself is the voice support from software that feels human.

Its performance so far is also considered to have increased and is no longer even inferior to traditional search engines .

8. ABM (account based marketing)

The last content marketing trend that you must anticipate in 2022 is ABM or account based marketing .

Launching the Content Marketing Institute , ABM is the best B2B marketing strategy today.

This method focuses on a specific account and is more effective than generic brand ads that are commonly used to drive more audience to the site. 

ABM’s own program is specifically targeted at winning business accounts through quality outreach, relationship building, content, and customized audience experiences.

Those are eight trends in the world of content marketing that you should anticipate in 2022.

In essence, the collection of trends above can be a guide for the success of your content marketing strategy in the next year.

However, these trends can always be made better by innovation and new ideas. 

Therefore, take advantage of the above trends as best you can. However, don’t forget to keep exploring new things that are no less interesting and effective.

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In it, Glints has prepared many discussions about the latest content marketing strategies that you can immediately practice.

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