Apple CEO Tim Cook Advise Users to Buy Android Phones, Why?


Apple CEO Tim Cook advises someone to use Android, if they want to use the sideloading feature , or allow installing applications from third parties.

Tim Cook made the statement at a meeting of The New York Times Dealbook . There, the Apple CEO conveyed various topics, including the issue of side-loading on iOS.

In a featured topic, Cook was asked about the split between Apple offering users choices when it comes to privacy, as well as the company’s ban on side-loading on iOS .

Reported by Apple Insider, written Sunday (11/14/2021), he denied that users could not vote. Cook said that nowadays, people can choose.

“Because if you want to side-load , you can buy an Android phone. So the choice is there, when you enter the carrier shop, if it’s important to you, then you have to buy an Android phone,” he said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Advise Users to Buy Android Phones, Why?

Too Risky

Even so, Cook said Apple will continue to maintain their policy for users not to install third-party applications.

He compared allowing side-loading to telling automakers not to install airbags in cars.

Cook described allowing sideloading on iOS as too risky, because “it wouldn’t be an iPhone if it didn’t maximize security and privacy.”

Previously, Apple released a report that indirectly highlighted security issues in the Android operating system.

Through a report entitled ‘ Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps’ , the company is said to want to respond to the European Commission’s proposal on the Digital Markets Act.

For information, in the proposal, the European Commission is said to encourage technology companies to allow sideloading on their devices, including the iPhone.

Therefore, in the report, Apple discusses the security threat from sideloading activities .

Apple Denies Sideloading

Quoted from GSM Arena , Friday (10/15/2021), Apple said that sideloading activities can cripple the privacy and security protections that have kept the iPhone safe.

As such, Apple says platforms that allow sideloading actually threaten security and privacy, including being a loophole for mobile malware to access .

In this case, the company openly mentions its competitor, namely Android. The report says Android devices have a 15 to 47 times greater risk of being infected with malware than iPhones.

The report from the security company also says that Android devices from its clients experience 6 million attacks every month.

Apple further explained, malware is dangerous because it can harm consumers, companies, development, and advertisers. For that, Apple expressly refuses sideloading activity .

“If sideloading from third-party app stores is possible, malicious apps could easily move on to infect consumer devices,” the company wrote.

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