Facebook Ready to Pay Creators to Boost Live Audio Rooms Features

Meta is reportedly ready to disburse funds for content creators to use Live Audio Rooms, a live audio streaming feature on Facebook and one of the challengers to Clubhouse.

A report from The Information , as reported by The Verge , Meta is reportedly ready to pay Facebook creators up to US $ 50 thousand (approximately Rp. 712 million), to use Live Audio Rooms.

Written Tuesday (23/1), Meta CEO , Mark Zuckerberg, in July indeed promised the company would disburse US$ 1 billion for its creators before the end of 2022.

Instagram, another Meta platform has also done the same to increase the use of Reels.

Instagram is reportedly paying creators up to USD 35 thousand (approximately Rp. 498 million), to increase use of the Reels feature, which is a rival to TikTok.


Launched Last June

The Information report also mentions some conditions for creators who want to get paid from Meta, to use Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms.

Facebook reportedly wants creators to conduct four to six sessions of at least 30 minutes long.

Live Audio Rooms itself was launched by Facebook in the United States, last June.

Several public figures such as singer Miley Cyrus are known to have used this feature. However, it is not known whether there is a fee for famous names that appear in the feature.

Clubhouse Not Surprised Many Platforms Have Live Streaming Audio

Meanwhile, some time ago, Clubhouse responded casually to the many social media platforms that had started to enter the live streaming audio business like them.

“We’re not surprised when other companies incorporate audio into their social media platforms,” ​​said Paul Davison, Clubhouse Co-Founder and CEO.

Davison thinks it is something good for the whole audio ecosystem itself.

However, Davison emphasized that focus is something that is important for an application company. According to him, when people open an application, the context will be connected to the medium.

“What you usually find, companies that define a category, that really focus on a category, come out on top,” Davison said.

“When you open the visual app, you may only have a moment, not connecting the AirPods. You’re not looking for engagement.”

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