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The increasingly complex human needs seem to bring fresh air to the service business world. The service business has emerged as one of the helpers for most Indonesian people

Service business is a good deed that benefits others and is useful. Thus, a service business is a business whose business goal is to make it easier to meet consumer needs

There are many sectors in the service business that are very useful for our lives. By doing good business, many people are saved. The following are what services we can actually do

Sewing Service Business

It’s not unusual to open a business on this one. The number of businesses such as bags and clothes, of course, requires the services of business assistants, namely sewing. Not only that, the wide variety of clothing models is also an interesting idea behind the idea of ​​opening a sewing business. Not everyone can buy ready-made clothes in the store, there are also those who can’t buy it, so the sewing business is another solution than buying in stores.

Car Rental Service Business

At the present time is a time where people need speed to be somewhere else for certain purposes. The car rental service business is helpful for those who need that speed. There are many types of car rental available today. Each fleet has its own advantages. Not only as a delivery service for people, but also delivering goods.

Courier Service Business

Courier services today are also very helpful for sales traffic circulating everywhere. The sophistication of communication tools, both via cell phones and the internet, has had a tremendous impact on the existence of courier services. Buying and selling made through these tools requires courier services.

Vehicle Washing Business

The full number of vehicles presented provides a good opportunity for those in this service business. Opening a car wash is very fun and brings good progress if the management is managed properly. Even though the capital spent is decent, with the number of vehicles in the field, it seems that you will be able to get a sizable additional profit from this business. Not only for vehicles, but this washing business has also expanded to washing helmets for those who ride motorbikes. Interesting right?

Child Care Service Business

Married couples who work sometimes have big problems when their children need supervision. Not everyone is brave or able to spend money to hire a sister, and other reasons regarding leaving a stranger with a child at home. The presence of this child care business is very helpful for working parents, especially since these child care centers are usually not far away and or even in the building where they work. There are many interesting things about this one business.

Children’s Toy Rental Service Business

This one business has also begun to be targeted by potential entrepreneurs, because children’s toys have a certain period of time and will not be used forever and the shadow of the accumulation of toys that occurs if every parent is only busy buying toys for children.

From this, the idea of ​​renting out children’s games emerged. Playing your money in the toy rental business feels relevant. Because you can help reduce the accumulation of goods in their homes, you can also get new business relationships

Education Services Business

The education service business also varies depending on the education offered. This education service business is also growing quite rapidly considering the need for education for children which is quite attractive, especially those in urban areas. This education service business can be in the form of a course business that focuses on several subjects at school

Private Course Service Business

This one business also remains one of the longest-lasting service businesses. Because there are still many people who need various skills. For example, courses for several subjects, private driving lessons or private language learning courses and many more subjects that can be categorized as private tutoring services.

Internet Service Business

To create an attractive site, of course, you need a reliable team to fulfill it. For example, you can provide experts who work in the fields of website creation, article writing, copywriting, cover logo design, software development, and so on.

Catering Service Business

This business is a branch of the food business. This service business is also endless, especially if you can be in a wide market environment such as offices. Not only for offices or factories, this catering business is also very helpful for events such as weddings and others.

Photography Service Business

The number of events attended

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