How to Fix Blue Screen in Windows 7, 8, 10


 Overcoming Blue Screen – Blue screen of death is a frightening specter for computer users, especially those who use Windows as their operating system. Many things can cause a computer or laptop to feel this way. Starting from hardware destruction, virus attack, or the existence of dilapidated or corrupt system files.

If you are currently experiencing a blue screen, there is no need to worry too much. Because there are still several things you can do. Here are some of them.

How to Fix Blue Screen in Windows 7, 8, 10

How to Fix Blue Screen in Windows 7, 8, 10

1. Restart Your Computer or Laptop

You can try this first method if your computer screen suddenly turns blue. Don’t panic, please restart your laptop or computer. Then see what happens, is the screen still blue, or is it back to normal?

You might be lucky enough if the screen returns to normal, that is, in other words, that was just a minor error in the operating system. If the screen remains blue or blue screen, do the next steps as below.

2. Take advantage of System Restore

Every version of Windows comes with a System Restore feature. For those of you who don’t know, this feature is useful for restoring situations and operating system settings at certain times. Follow this tutorial to do System Restore:

Shut down or turn off your PC/laptop Turn on your computer or laptop as usual by pressing the power button When in a boot mood, immediately click the F8 key

3. Use Repair System Windows

Have you tried the two techniques above but have not succeeded in overcoming the blue screen of death? Relax, try this third technique, which is using the Repair System. This method is effective if the cause of the blue screen of death is due to a corrupt Windows system file.

The trick is to use the Windows installation CD. When you enter the options, you can’t choose install but choose repair. Then follow the next steps given by Windows.

4. Update Drivers on Laptop or PC

There are many reasons why your computer has a blue screen. One of the next causes is that the drivers have never been updated, so they end up making a fuss with system files. So, the technique to overcome this can be done by updating the driver. Please download the appropriate driver for the model of equipment you are using.

5. Scan Malware

Please scan for malware or viruses using an antivirus program. As I said above, one of the causes of the blue screen is the presence of malware or viruses on your PC. So scan and delete immediately if found a virus.

Can use the Gparted Live CD program. So even if your computer is a blue screen, you can still enter the main menu via a flash drive that has Gparted Live CD installed. Then scan for viruses using the antivirus program on the Gparted Live CD. If the virus is found and has been removed, immediately restart your computer.

6. Check Laptop or PC Hardware

Overcoming the Blue screen of death is not only caused by problems related to software. Whether it’s a virus, malware, or corrupt system files. But it can also be caused due to interference with the device hardware.There are several hardware devices that you must suspect if a blue screen occurs. Starting from the HDD, RAM, and HDMI cable. Please check carefully, whether the hardware is useful or not.

7. Reinstall Windows

The last way that you can try if it is stuck is to reinstall Windows on the laptop. There are two ways, you can ask a repairman for help to install the laptop. Or do it yourself, you can read the guide here. By reinstalling the laptop, all files on the old system will be deleted and replaced with the new system.

This will automatically remove the blue screen.But in effect, all your data and software will be lost.Except for the data that you store on Drive D.

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