How to Keep Personal Data Safe from Add Yours Instagram Sticker Scam Mode


Indonesian netizens are highlighting the news that the Add Yours sticker feature on Instagram Stories can be misused by cyber criminals.

Created for users to share OOTD inspiration to the challenge of sharing activity photos on Instagram, in fact this feature is vulnerable to being used to do evil.

This incident was revealed by the owner of the Twitter account @ditamoechtar_. He said one of his colleagues told him that he had fallen victim to a telephone scam to send some money.

“What made my friend believe, the cheater called him ‘pim’. ‘Pim’ is my friend’s little nickname, which only close people know,” he wrote.

After recalling it, it turns out that the friend had just taken on the challenge of calling variations on Instagram Stories through the Add Yours sticker feature .

Even though online services claim to have a high level of security, that doesn’t mean we as users don’t pay attention to account security.

Because there is still the possibility that cybercriminals can get personal information, such as your name, address, photo, and more from the Add Yours sticker post on Instagram Stories without you knowing it.

Because of this, here are some ways you can do so that your personal data is not leaked or spread widely.

1. Don’t share personal information

Reflecting on the fraudulent method of using the Add Yours sticker on Instagram, you must be wise when sharing information on social media.

Especially when it comes to full name, age, address, and parents’ names. If someone exes you share this information, this is suspect.

Why? Because starting with your name, age, and address, you have the potential to become a victim of social engineering or profiling mode.

2. Lock Instagram account

If you insist on following the Add Yours trend on Instagram, it’s best not to share it publicly on Stories.

You can lock your Instagram account so that only the closest people who follow the account can see posts or set posts only those closest to you can see.

3. Change password

If you’ve ever shared information related to the password used on social media in the “Add Yours” sticker challenge, it’s a good idea to start changing the password used to log in.

4. Use OTP/2FA

To be more convincing and secure, you can activate the OTP (One Time Password) or 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) feature to ensure that access to the service can only be done by yourself.

5. Educate family and loved ones

It is important to educate family, friends, or those closest to you about the importance of maintaining data and being wise in exchanging information with any party.

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