How to Mobile Using Whatsapp Without Using Smartphone on Computer in 2022

Anak Milenial- Using WhatsApp on a desktop or computer, previously required smartphones to be active because basically both of them had to be connected to each other.

The downside is that if your smartphone loses connection or runs out of battery, you can’t use WhatsApp on desktop.

Now, WhatsApp has started rolling out the latest update that allows you to use WhatsApp on your desktop without a smartphone .

Although this feature is still in beta, almost all users can enjoy this feature. All you need to do is link the devices once as part of setup or integration.

Now, if your smartphone shuts down or loses connection, you can still send and receive messages on the desktop version of WhatsApp .

The setup process requires you to open WhatsApp Web and scan a QR code, but once you run it, you can switch to the full desktop app.

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Connect WhatsApp on 4 Devices at Once

With this feature you can even connect WhatsApp on up to 4 different devices, both Web, Desktop, and Portal versions on one WhatsApp account. All accounts can still be activated independently, even if the main smartphone is not connected.

Even when they’re not connected, the Facebook- owned app ensures all conversations are protected by end-to-end encryption . WhatsApp also reminded that it does not mean that accounts outside the main device will not be disconnected, even though they can be active independently.

“If you don’t use your smartphone for more than 14 days, the device connected to your account will be disconnected,” the company wrote as quoted from its official website.

Following are the steps:


  • Open WhatsApp, Select More Options
  • Tap Linked Devices
  • Tap Multi-device beta
  • Tap Join Beta
  • Then scan the QR code from WhatsApp Web to get it connected


  • Select WhatsApp Settings
  • Tap Linked Devices
  • Tap Multi-Device Beta
  • Tap Join Beta
  • Then scan the QR code from WhatsApp Web to get it connected

Keep in mind, this feature has been released to the public, but is still in beta. Therefore, WhatsApp mentions that there are some limitations, here is the list

  • If your primary device is iPhone, you can’t delete messages on additional devices
  • Call or send messages to other people using older versions of WhatsApp
  • Multi-device does not support use on tablets
  • View live location from enhancements
  • Create and view broadcast lists on enhancements
  • Send messages with link preview from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Will Release Community Features

Previously, WhatsApp was reportedly preparing a new feature called Communities. XDA Developers first spotted the feature leak in October, and recently WABetaInfo saw similar findings.

According to WABetaInfo, the Community feature appears to give group admins more power over groups–including the ability to create groups within groups. 

Admins may also be able to invite new users via the Community Invitation Link and then start messaging other members.

In terms of security, as reported by The Verge , Sunday (11/7/2021), WABetaInfo reports that this feature on WhatsApp appears to have been end-to-end encrypted .

In terms of appearance it seems that there will be slight changes to distinguish the Community from the usual group chat. As WABetaInfo points out, the community icon will be square with rounded corners, the wrong format was enabled by WhatsApp and then quickly deactivated in October.

Then, when will this Community feature officially roll out? Unfortunately, until this news went up there had been no confirmation from WhatsApp.

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