How to Voice Type in Google Docs

Anak Milenial- Google Docs as a text processing application is equipped with many features. One of them is voice typing .

This feature is basically based on voice recognition techniques . In short, voice recognition is a technology that allows machines or computers to recognize spoken speech.

Thus, when using the voice typing feature , Google Docs users can type simply by pronouncing the text in spoken speech. 

How to activate this feature is also very easy. Check out the summary below.

  • Open Google Docs .
  • Click on the Format menu .
  • Look for the Voice typing menu .
  • Next, a dialog box with a microphone icon will appear.

The next step

  • By default , the language setting in this feature is English. If you want to type in Indonesian voice, click on the down arrow next to English US.
  • Look for the Indonesian language option.
  • After that, click on the microphone icon in that dialog box and start talking.
  • To make the voice recognition process easier, make sure you speak clearly.

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