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In running a company based on buying and selling, the success of a company is usually determined by the presence of the right marketing concept. Quality goods, affordable prices, good products will not reach the public if it is not balanced with extensive marketing. Marketing with the right strategy to increase sales can help you achieve success.

In today’s technological developments, almost everyone can operate a computer and the internet. The convenience obtained from the internet can be through laptops or cellphones, so that information from cyberspace spreads more quickly. This is widely used by companies to develop online marketing concepts. Usually the concept of every company in marketing only relies on marketing personnel and print media, but this requires no small amount of money and is no longer practical. The advantages of using an online strategy are that you can market your products at a low cost, provide sales techniques for the future, can determine the target market, increase the introduction of products and brands being marketed.

The concept of online marketing must be accompanied by a good strategy. Because if not, will cause losses in the long run. Concepts and strategies that must be considered in online marketing are:

Online Marketing Concept

Good relationship

One of the important things to maintain the business that you are running is by maintaining good relations with consumers, especially old consumers, so that they return to using the products you sell. This is because finding new customers is more difficult than retaining old customers. You will experience a decrease in income if you can’t maintain and underestimate old customers, they can even be taken by your competitors. How to maintain it can be by using the internet because it is more effective, for example sending holiday greetings via Facebook, email, twitter and other social networks.

Calculating costs

In both offline and online businesses, you must be able to calculate what costs are incurred to market products. You can see the development of new customers obtained with the strategy you made, and if it doesn’t produce enough you can try another strategy.

Beat competitors

Marketing via the internet is very effective and spreads quickly if you are always up to date on it. If your business display is faster and more attractive than your competitors, of course, consumers will come to you first. With a good strategy you not only beat your competitors but you can retain old customers and gain new customers.

In expanding your marketing can try some concepts that must be done in the internet world. The marketing concepts are:


Creating a blog is very easy and a free service is provided in making it. By using a blog you can provide more detailed information and design as desired in marketing a product.

Pay per click

You can use it only by providing keywords in a search engine. This can speed up marketing your product

Video marketing via youtube

To upload a video via YouTube is very easy, you can market your product by providing an appearance through video.

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