Samsung Ready to Help Companies Build Private 5G Networks

Samsung Electronics released an official report on its private 5G network. The company highlights the structure, features and benefits of private 5G networks for various industry scenarios. These include smart factories, smart hospitals, smart logistics, smart transportation, and others.

As interest in private networks increases, Samsung is exploring how companies can successfully deploy private 5G networks to meet business objectives and service demands.

The white paper outlines various structural options for building a private network that includes 5G services .

Starting from Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication, and Massive Machine Type Communications. These technologies can bring new innovations to various fields from sectors that are rapidly transitioning to Industry 4.0.

This report highlights Samsung’s complete suite of private 5G network solutions that enable enterprises to simplify network deployment and operations.

5G Indonesia
5G Indonesia

Offer Multi-Scale Solutions

Citing an official statement, Samsung said it offered solutions for small, medium and large scale companies.

This comprehensive end-to-end suite of private 5G network solutions includes Radio Access Network (RAN), the core of all scales, intuitive management systems, AI/Machine Learning (ML) based analytics solutions and applications for various services.

The RAN portfolio specifically includes the highest low, medium, and high frequency bands of baseband, radio, including MassiveMIMO, mmWave, and small cell, claimed for the business environment.

Ready to Fulfill Company Demand

This solution is designed to meet the high demands facing private networks, ensuring high levels of performance and low latency.

Low latency is required to support advanced use cases such as remote factory monitoring, virtual learning, AR/VR, drones and auto-pilot vehicles.

Samsung claims it is encouraging the industry to advance 5G networks with its product portfolio in the market. From virtualized RAN and core solutions to private network solutions and AI-powered automation tools.

The company currently provides network solutions for mobile operators that provide connectivity to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

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