Steps to Start Digital Marketing for Small Business

Without a doubt, digital marketing has become one of the keys to business success in the current era, including for small businesses.

Yes, this strategy does not only need to be carried out by large companies, but also small businesses.

In fact, the Digital Marketing Institute and Evergreen agree that digital marketing is a must for small businesses to consider.

Well, in this article, I will explain about digital marketing for small businesses and how to get started well.


The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business

Digital marketing is part of a marketing method with a more modern platform, namely digitally through the internet network so that it is connected to the whole world.

As technology develops, more and more people are selling on digital platforms.

Today, almost everyone in big and small cities has a gadget and capable internet access. This is a huge potential for digital marketing.

With this change, we have to adapt to it.

Therefore, digital marketing is important for small businesses.

This is because digital platforms make marketing activities more massive , but still measurable.

Promotion of finished products is more effective because it is easier to find specific and appropriate potential customers for the products offered.

In addition, with digital marketing , it is also easier to measure performance through data. That is why marketing activities on digital platforms can remain scalable.

So, digital marketing is one of the supporting factors needed not only by big but also small businesses.

Then, how do you use digital marketing to support the promotion of small-medium scale businesses?

4 Digital Marketing Preparations for Small Business

1. Digital assets

In simple terms, digital assets are places where we will promote and sell products or services on the internet.

Examples of digital assets are social media accounts, online stores in the marketplace to the Whatsapp Business website and application.

Digital assets are important, because without them we cannot promote on digital platforms.

2. Promotion plan or campaign

After the assets are ready, then you can start planning what kind of promotional activities you want to run.

For beginners, you should first determine which digital assets you want to optimize.

The reason is, managing too many digital assets can actually make you busy ‘creating content’ instead of busy selling.

3. Create platform-appropriate content

The digital marketing campaign plan that is made must be planned along with preparing suitable small business selling content.

As we know, there are so many platforms that can be used.

Each of these platforms has different user characteristics and ways of playing.

For example, Instagram is a platform that focuses more on visual content. Users like it when they are presented with interesting pictures or videos.

TikTok and Youtube, which both provide video material, can have different user characteristics .

TikTok users prefer short content that is to the point, but must be interesting.

On YouTube, the user character is more general and prefers content related to an activity. So, it’s okay to make a rather long video as long as there is something ‘to watch’.

In the marketplace, the characteristics are different, even different marketplace brands can also have different user demographics.

So if you want to promote something, keep adjusting the content/content with the platform used so that digital marketing efforts run optimally and according to the tastes of the audience.

4. Cost

Of course, digital marketing also costs money. This is especially true for paid content such as advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google or working with influencers .

Small businesses must allocate the right budget for digital marketing . Do not waste money by marketing products in a way that is not appropriate so that it is not effective for sales.

Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

So that the preparation is maximized, avoid some of these mistakes that are often done, yes.

1. Wrong choice of platform

What products will you sell? Think about what platform is most appropriate for that product.

If your product needs clear and attractive visuals, Instagram is the right platform.

However, if for example the product needs a longer and detailed audiovisual explanation, then maybe YouTube is the right platform.

Also make sure your potential customers are on the platform.

2. Cost allocation

Many small businesses suffer losses due to allocating the budget for the wrong marketing strategy .

One example of this case is using as many influencers as possible for promotions without caring whether the audience is in accordance with the products offered.

Not all products are suitable for all influencers . Therefore, you must plan your decision carefully.

For those who sell in the marketplace , choosing the wrong keywords can also affect sales. Because, it could be that the keywords used are not the keywords used by potential consumers.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business

One of the easiest digital marketing strategies for small businesses is to learn from competitors’ activities.

You can pay attention to what methods they do and try to do the same.

However, this method does not always work. The reason is, there are many factors that influence the process.

Therefore, you need to learn a lot and experiment with the right digital marketing strategies .
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