TechnoTech News Top 3 Techno: The Role of 5G in Indonesia’s Industrial Sector Becomes the Spotlight

Anak Milenial- News that discusses the role of 5G in accelerating digital transformation in the Indonesian industrial sector is most popular on the Tekno Liputan6. com channel, Monday( 22/ 11/ 2021).

In addition, news about Indosat Ooredoos 54th anniversary commitment and Messenger and Instagram will not receive end- to- end features until 2023.

5G Indonesia
5G Indonesia

1. The Role of 5G in Driving Digital Transformation in Indonesias Industrial Sector

The adoption of digital systems in the industrial sector has undeniably occurred in recent years. However, with the presence of 5G, the process of adopting a digital system can be faster and contribute to the development of the industrial sector.

” Increasingly, IoT in the industrial sector requires 5G because it offers real- time capabilities and supports automation,” said Network Solution Lead Telkomsel& Telkom Group at Ericsson Indonesia, Indra Sembada, at the Telkomsel Synergy for the Nation event which was held virtual, Monday.( 22/ 11/ 2021).

He added,” With its capabilities, 5G can finally enable more use cases.

2. 54 Years of Indosat Ooredoo, Commitment to Transform Indonesia into a Digital Nation

Indosat Ooredoo celebrates its 54th anniversary. The company also invites people to wake up in the midst of a pandemic through the Bi54 Bangkit Bersama campaign.

At the age of 54 this year, Indosat Ooredoo is committed to ensuring network quality and service for customers.

Indosat Ooredoo is expanding its 4G network coverage throughout the country by providing 4G/ LTE services to 124 remote villages this year.

3. Facebook Messenger serta Instagram Tidak hendak Bisa Enkripsi End- to- end sampai 2023

5G Indonesia
5G Indonesia

Meta, induk industri Facebook, Instagram, serta WhatsApp, belum berencana buat memperkenalkan fitur pribadi enkripsi end- to- end pada Messenger serta Instagram sampai 2023.

Mengutip The Verge, Senin( 22/ 11/ 2021), industri mencampurkan layanan chat Instagram serta Messenger pada tahun kemudian.

Perihal ini dicoba selaku bagian dari rencananya buat membuat sistem perpesanan terpadu di seluruh platform- nya.

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