Telegram Tests Sponsored Messages, Claims There Will Be No Ads in Private Chats


Telegram announced that it has launched Sponsored Messages. This feature allows someone to promote their channel and bot .

This announcement was made by Telegram CEO Pavel Durov through his official channel some time ago, written Wednesday (11/24/2021). However, Durov said there are a few things users need to know.

First, Pavel Durov confirmed that there would be no ads in a chat in the chat application  .

“If you use Telegram as a messaging platform that we launched in 2013, you’ll never see sponsored messages,” Durov said.

Durov stressed that sponsored messages will not appear in chat lists, private chats , or Telegram groups . 

Only on Public Channel

In addition, Durov ensures that user data will not be used for targeted advertising.

“Like everything we do, our top priority is protecting users’ personal data. That’s why unlike other apps, we won’t use your personal data to show ads.”

According to Durov, sponsored messages on Telegram will only go live on one-to-many public channels , with more than a thousand members, and only based on the topic of the public channel where the message is displayed.

“This means no user data is mined or analyzed to display it,” Durov said.

Durov also claims that sponsored messages will not annoy users. According to him, official messages will be limited to 160 text characters, without any external media or links.

Touch WhatsApp

The sponsored message feature itself is still in trial mode and is not yet available to all users.

According to Durov, once the tool is fully rolled out, Telegram plans to start sharing revenue with admins of channels where sponsored messages are displayed.

Durov also alluded to WhatsApp in the message, which he said was no more ad-free than Telegram.

“WhatsApp already shares user data with advertisers even though they themselves don’t show ads. However, on Telegram, advertisers will never get your personal data,” said Durov.

Durov claims that if WhatsApp introduces a similar feature, they will display ads on its platform, as Instagram and Facebook do.

“Online advertising should no longer be synonymous with abuse of user privacy,” said Durov.

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