These are 8 video marketing trends that will boom in 2022


As a marketer, you must know the video marketing trends that will emerge in 2022.

Because this marketing strategy is considered effective and profitable.

In fact, Wyzowl research shows that 86% of companies worldwide are using video as their marketing tool by 2021.

In fact, 93% of them state video marketing as the main strategy to attract audiences.

So, therefore, what are the new modes of video marketing that you need to anticipate in 2022? Here are 8 examples Glints curated for you.

These are 8 video marketing trends that will boom in 2022

1. Live video

According to Marketing Insider Group , one of the video marketing trends that will boom in 2022 is live video.

This type of video initially became a trend in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic immediately stopped all activities outside the home.

Then, over time, live videos are getting more and more popular with companies and many well-known content creators .

They judge that streamable video is apt to be used as a means of connecting between companies or content creators and the audience.

These benefits are still relevant today. Therefore, the live studio is predicted to explode again in 2022.

2. Smartphone production

Smartphone production is predicted to be a big video marketing trend in 2022.

This is because many companies and content activists want to reduce the budget for production purposes.

Not only that, the quality of the camera owned by a smartphone is also now no less far when compared to a DSLR camera.

The development of social media marketing has also contributed to the progress of video production using this smartphone .

For example, short content on TikTok and YouTube Shorts will definitely be more effective if the video is recorded with a smartphone.

3. Videos for SEO optimization

Video for SEO optimization purposes will also become a video marketing trend in 2022.

Yes, video content can actually be used to boost the quality of a company’s website content.

This SEO development technique is considered accurate to place the company’s site in a good ranking on the SERP.

However, how can you use video to optimize SEO? 

You need to focus on three main aspects, namely relevance, consistency, and backend optimization .

In this way, it is guaranteed that the video can give good results on search engines.

4. User generated video

According to Design Shack , user generated video is a video marketing trend that marketers should pay attention to in 2022.

These user-generated videos have actually been popular on social media for a long time.

You can find it in many well-known business entity marketing campaigns.

In fact, because it is used so often, engineering videos that seem to be made by users can have an authentic appearance.

Well, this type of video will boom again because it is still considered effective for increasing customer loyalty.

Inviting the audience to take part in the production can also indirectly be an effective way to hook their emotions.

5. Interactive video

Interactive video is a video marketing trend that is predicted to become the most popular in 2022.

The reason is, this type of video is a shortcut to increase audience engagement .

It can also grow brand loyalty numbers because the audience basically prefers interactive content.

Interactive video comes in many forms. It can be a virtual reality video , a  game, or even a link to a post shared in the video.

One thing is for sure, you have to give viewers something to do after they watch the video. 

Continue engagement into a worthwhile activity. For example, you can provide a CTA in a video.

6. Vlog

The next video marketing trend that is predicted to boom in 2022 is vlogs .

When it comes to online viewing habits , vlogs are probably one of the most popular forms of video content among internet users. 

In fact, according to Finances Online , more than 44% of Internet users watch vlogs every month.

In fact, many individuals are now using vlogs to document their daily lives or simply to express themselves.

Uniquely, companies can use the same thing so that the audience can feel closer to them.

7. Silent video

Every day, many audiences enjoy video content when commuting or in public spaces.

As a result, they often use headphones or even mute the sound in the video.

Therefore, silent video is predicted to be a big trend in the world of video marketing in 2022.

If you want people to stay and watch content, optimize videos for silent viewing purposes .

However, don’t forget to provide a caption so they can catch the topic of the content easily.

8. Video 360

The last video marketing trend that you should anticipate in 2022 is 360 video.

This type of video is one of the content trends that has changed the landscape of the viewing experience for many consumers. 

Live 360 ​​video gives viewers more control over how they view a product or content, as revealed by Finances Online .

In addition, this type of video also allows the audience to see a demonstration of the product before they decide to buy it.

Therefore, it makes sense that 98% of audiences in the United States would say that 360-degree videos are more interesting than other video formats.

Those are eight video marketing trends that you can take advantage of in 2022.

In essence, video marketing is the best marketing strategy that will always be relevant as technology develops.

Therefore, don’t forget to study this strategy well and use the trend examples above.

Well, in addition to the explanation above, learn other information about the 2022 predictions about the world of work and the professional field on the Glints Blog.

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