WhatsApp Business API Can Be a Solution to Improve Customer Service

Service customer service is not denied to be one important factor for businesses. However, it must be admitted, this service is quite challenging, especially when handling a large number of business needs.

However, there are several technological solutions that can address this need. One of them is the customer service technology offered by WhatsApp, namely the WhatsApp Business API.

The WhatsApp Business API is a WhatsApp service that is specifically for medium to large scale businesses. This service has a number of features that can help business people, from ordering, purchasing, to other activities.

With the features it has, the customer service team for business owners will make it easier to serve. However, this WhatsApp Business API cannot be downloaded for free on regular app stores.

To be able to get this service, business people must order from an official partner, such as Wappin. Wappin itself is one of the products of the fintech company SPE Solution which is an official partner of Facebook.

Wappin provides WhatsApp Business API services for companies in Indonesia, with 24/7 active support services to facilitate the customer service team of business owners who need assistance.

“A common obstacle faced by various businesses is the difficulty of maintaining relationships with customers, especially during the customer period. The reason may be because the number of customers is very large or the solution used is not right. Wappin is trying to provide a solution for this need,” said CEO of SPE Solution, Rico L. Simarmata in an official statement received on Sunday (11/21/2021).

Currently, Wappin’s WhatsApp Business API technology and services have been used by various types of industries, ranging from education, health, banking, manufacturing, IT, tourism, to government institutions.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is a WhatsApp product designed for large businesses with customer service teams. Unlike WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, the WhatsApp Business API is a paid product.

An example is the official WhatsApp account belonging to the cellular operator Indosat Ooredoo.

This product is a paid programming interface used by businesses to manage customer service at scale through WhatsApp.

There are also businesses that use the WhatsApp Business API are businesses that need to accommodate the thousands of messages they send and receive every day. In this case, the business may perform the delivery/response on its own or through the services of a third party.

Can Use Facebook Hosting Service

Through this service, WhatsApp Business API users will also have the option to use the Facebook Hosting Service.

WhatsApp will notify you when a user starts communicating with an account that uses a third party hosting API. Users can choose to continue the interaction or not.

If the user chooses to continue interacting, even if the user does not see the end-to-end encryption label , the user’s message is still automatically encrypted when it is sent to the recipient. WhatsApp claims it and Facebook cannot read it or use it for advertising.

The only difference is that user messages may be stored and managed via third party servers . In theory, this is similar to when a user backs up conversations using a cloud service which is then no longer considered end-to-end encrypted .

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